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Add Coffee, Tea, Decaf*, Herbal Teas For $2.50 Each
Add Soft Drinks, Juice & Bottled Water For $3.00 Each
*Decaf Coffee Available Upon Request For $17.50 Per Pot


Ready To Go Yogurt Berry Parfaits
Assorted Sweet Breakfast Loaves
Sliced Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter
$14.00 Per Person

A Selection Of Mini Apple
   Fruit Strudels & Mini Chocolatines
Fresh Fruit Salad
$12.00 Per Person

Pastry Basket With Freshly Baked
   Assorted Muffins, Dasnish & Croissants
Butter & Preserves
$12.00 Per Person
Add a Freshly Sliced Fruit Tray
    for $16.00 Total Per Person

Assorted Fruit Yogurts $3.00 Per Person
Cubed Cheddar & Swiss
   Garnished with Fresh Fruit $6.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit Salad $5.00 Per Person
Sliced Fresh Fruit Tray $7.50 Per Person
Fresh Fruit Parfait $6.00 Per Person
Baskets of Whole Fresh Fruit $3.00 Per Person
Scones & Muffins $6.50 Per Person
Selection of Croissant, Chocolatine
   & Danish $5.50 Per Person
Coffee, Tea $2.50 Per Person
Decaf Coffee Available Upon Request
   $17.50 Per Pot

Assorted Fruit Juices $2.50 Per Person

A Scrambled Eggs Combo With
   Bacon, Sausage & Home Fries
$16.00 Per Person
Add a Freshly Sliced Fruit Tray
    for $20.00 Total Per Person

Toasted English Muffin, Back Bacon,
    Hollandaise Sauce & Home Fries
$17.00 Per Person

Turkey Bacon, Chicken Sausage
    & Home Fries
$18.00 Per Person

A European Style Egg Omelette
    With Thinly Sliced Sauteed Potatoes,
    Chorizo, Onions, Baby Spinach,
    Sundried Tomatoes & Smoked Paprika,
$15.00 Per Person

Eggs, Spinach & Sauteed Onions
    With A potato Crust
$14.00 Per Person

A Breakfast Burrito (2 Per Person)
    Filled With Scrambled Eggs,
    Diced Bell Peppers & Pepper Jack Cheese
$12.00 Per Person
A Breakfast Sandwich
    With Toasted English Muffins, Eggs,
    Back Bacon, Canadian Cheeses
    & Home Fries
$14.00 Per Person

Fluffy French Toast Or Pancakes
    With Bacon, Sausage,
    Maple Sirup & Butter
$14.00 Per Person
Belgian Style Waffles Served
    With Bacon, Sausage,
    Maple Sirup, Whipped Butter,
    Straberry Compote & Whipped Cream
$16.00 Per Person