Special Dietary Requests?
Let's Plan For It!
All Of Our Menu Packages And Items Are Routinely Modified To Accomodate Special Diets From Vegetarians To Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Celiac, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Etc.

Assorted Sliced Breakfast Loaf
Freshly Sliced Fruit
$9.95 Per Person

Fresh Fruit Brochettes & Yogourt Dip
Sliced Banana Bread Loaves
    Garnished With Dried Fruits
$11.50 Per Person

Buttered Popcorn
Jelly Beans
Licorice Nibs
$11.95 Per Person

Granola Bars With Dried Fruit
Assorted Fruit Yogurts
$7.95 Per Person

Pre-Made Vanilla Yogurt
    Mixed Berry Parfaits Sprinkled With
    Hemp Seed & Cinnamon
Honey Sesame Seed Snaps
$9.95 Per Person

Build Your Own Parfait Ice Cream Sundae
Vanilla Ice Cream Or Yogourt
Assorted Sprinkles
Chocolate Chips
Marachino Cherrys
Granola Crumble
Crushed Peanuts
Sliced Strawberries
Chocolate Sauce & Fruit Coulis
$12.95 Per Person

Nacho Chips
Sour Cream
Sprinkled With Shredded Cheese
$8.50 Per Person

Crudites & Dip
Assorted Cheese Cubes Garnished
    With Fresh Fruits
Crackers & Sliced Baguette
$11.95 Per Person

Toasted Pita Chips
Hummous & Tzatsiki
Mini Spanakopitas
$10.95 Per Person

Double Chocolate, Raisin Oatmeal,
    White Chocolate & Double Fudge Cookies
Deep Dutch & Hay Stack Brownies
$10.00 Per Person

Assorted Fruity Scones &
    English Muffins
Chantilly Lace Fruit Salad
Assorted Teas
$16.00 Per Person