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Fun & Healthy Snacks for the Morning or Afternoon.
Add Coffee, Tea, Decaf*, Herbal Teas For $2.50 Each
Add Soft Drinks, Juice & Bottled Water For $3.00 Each
*Decaf Coffee Available Upon Request For $17.50 Per Pot

Assorted Sliced Breakfast Loaves
Sliced Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter
$9.95 Per Person

Fresh Fruit Brochettes
Sliced Banana Bread Loaves
$11.50 Per Person

Buttered Popcorn
Theatre Style Candy Dishes
    With Bowls of Smarties, Jelly Beans
    & Licorice Nibs
$11.95 Per Person

Granola Bars With Dried Fruit
Assorted Fruit Yogurts
$7.95 Per Person

Pre-Made Yogurt Berry Parfaits
Honey Sesame Seed Snaps
$9.95 Per Person

Guacamole Dip
Nacho Chips
$8.50 Per Person

Fresh Vegetable and Cheese Dip Basket
Assorted Cheese Cubes Garnished
    With Fresh Fruits & Crackers
$11.95 Per Person

Toasted Pita Chips
Baba Ghanoush, Hummus
    & Red Pepper Dips
Mini Spanakopitas
$10.95 Per Person

Double Chocolate, Raisin Oatmeal
    & Chocolate Chip Cookies
$10.00 Per Person

Coffee & Tea $2.50 Each
Assorted Fruit Juices $2.50 Each
Soft Drinks $2.50 Each
Sparkling & Still Waters $2.50 Each